This is a patch on CrossFire for February 2011. There are some new added features.

List of new added features

There is the list of new added features in CrossFire:

  • There is a newest mode in CrossFire, the Hero Mode.
  • There is a new map, Merida for Mutation Mode and Hero Mode.
  • There are new accessories
    • Hulk Mask
    • Dread Mask
    • Maiden Mask
    • Tiger Hat
    • Tiger Backpack
  • There are new ribbons
    • Gun Collector (Owned over 20 Perma guns)
    • An Army of One (Get more than 100,000 kills)
    • ZP for Everyone! (Shared ZP with the prepaid method)
    • My Ribbons are made of Crystal (Accuire 20 ribbons)
    • A Hero Emerges (Completed the Hero patch challenges)

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