CrossFire RU

Official name

CrossFire Russia




Release date

July 2, 2010

Cash currency




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CrossFire RU is the Russian localized version of CF and available for the Russian players. It was publised in June, 2 2010 by Mail.Ru Games company.

So far, CF RU released two original characters; ABF and SRAF.

Game Features

CF Russia is the only server that's 100% localized, barring some English name from weapons / skin. The entire interface and sound design are in Russian, and they have their own voice actor / actress to do killsound / messenger for exclusive characters.

Cash Points and Exchange Rate

As in all Mail.Ru's games, Russian CrossFire uses Credits (ru: Кредиты, крд.) as cash points. 1 Credit is equal to 0.5 RUB. Here's an exchange table:

Credits RUB USD
100 50 RUB ~$1.25
120 (1ea capsule's price) 60 RUB ~$1.5
250 125 RUB ~$3.125
500  250 RUB ~$6.25
980 (Character's price) 490 RUB ~$12.25
1000 500 RUB ~$12.5
1080 (10ea capsules' price) 540 RUB ~$13.5
2500 1250 RUB ~$31.25
4800 (RPK-ID's price) 2400 RUB ~$60
5000  2500 RUB ~$62.5
7200 (M4A1/AK47 VIP price) 3600 RUB ~$90

Capsule Shop

Crossfire20140626 0002

Capsule Shop in CF Russia with AK47-Scope Capsule selected

Main article: Capsule Shop (Russia)

Capsule shop in CFRU sells only real-money containers. The goal is usually to get the advertised main win, a permanent advanced gun or character. On ocassion, a container may contain two, or three permanent items, but only one of them is marked Best. Each container contains 3 random items. The pool of possible items depends on the type of container. After being bought, these containers can then be opened.

After 2.0 update, Mini Capsule has been updated as well.


  • CF Russia is one of the few servers that's non-unicode, so Russian characters will not show up properly if players does not set their System Locale to Russia.
  • Every voice files in CF Russia is in Russian, including Ghosts, Mutants, ZM and Wave Mode. This server has the most complete localized voice pack, followed by Korea and Indonesia.
  • CF Russia is the only server that does not sell GP capsules.
  • Some of VVIPs released in CF Russia are named after some mythological beasts (i.e AK47-Cerberus, Knuckle-Hydra, Shovel-Werewolf & M4A1-S Kraken.)

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