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Highlights of whenever any versions receive or unlock content will be listed here! All the details about the specific content that each versions received are available in the Patches & Updates box on the right side!

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With the recent addition of Super Soldiers, ­Ghosts Vs. Mutants and Death Rally onto various versions; which of the following modes are you most excited for to be added onto your respective versions?

The poll was created at 22:13 on February 19, 2015, and so far 49 people voted.

Previous Poll

What do you wish for CrossFire in 2015?

  • Majority Vote: I just want the 2.0 update already! (120 votes / 40.13%)

Hot Article

CrossFire 2.0 is a major update first released on December 2014 in China and to be released in Vietnam on March 2015. The update includes various content and changes, while keeping the initial content untouched with few exceptions[...] Read More

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