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  • Starbreeze received Smilegate investement ($40MM) to create a first
    person shooter co-op game based of the CrossFire IP - Read More!
  • Tencent Holding Ltd. did renew their license for CrossFire, Read More!
  • Oriental Shiny Star Ltd. grabbed the publishing rights for CrossFire 2!

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  • To be announced.

  • To be announced.

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Super Soldiers (S&D) is a mix of basic Search & Destroy rules and Wave Mode / Super Soldiers abilities. It plays out exactly like normal S&D matches, but every soldiers can carry out different classes in their bags.
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The poll was created at 21:31 on November 11, 2015, and so far 167 people voted.

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With Ankara 2.0's release, which classic S&D map should get a 2.0 version next?

Eagle Eye (208 votes / 76.47%)

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