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  • Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Alan Wake / Quantum Break) are currently
    working with Smilegate to create the story mode for CrossFire 2 - Read More
  • We encourage everyone to join us and edit this Wikia together - Don't be shy!

  • Tencent Holding Ltd. renewed their license for CrossFire - Read more.
  • Oriental Shiny Star Ltd. grabbed the publishing rights for CrossFire 2.
  • CrossFire Stars (2016) will have a $700,000 prize pool - Read More
  • Smilegate are working with Original Film to make a CrossFire movie.
  • Starbreeze received Smilegate investement ($40MM) to create a first
    person shooter co-op game based on the CrossFire IP - Read more

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Trial Challenge Mode (AI Mode 3) is the third installment of PVE mode in CrossFire. It goes back to the classic formula which pits soldiers against the zombies plus a boss with combined elements from Defense and Wave mode.
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