This document contains the rules and policies in the CrossFire Wiki. Please take your time and read the rules, so that your membership will not be revoked from the CrossFire Wiki.

Minor and major rules are rules in which when broken, you will receive a warning whereas SEVERE rules are rules in which broken, your membership will be immediately revoked. 

If you break 2 major rules, you will be PERMANENTLY banned from the wiki.

If you break 3 minor rules, you will be PERMANENTLY banned from the wiki.


  • = means minor rule.
  • == means major rule.
  • === means SEVERE rule.


  1. Refrain from using strong language. =
  2. Do NOT create blank/spam page. =
  3. Do NOT talk in foreign language besides English. =
  4. Do NOT spam. ==
  5. NO flaming. ==
  6. NO swearing ==
  7. Do NOT post false information. == 
  8. Do NOT place false/absurd delete template. ==
  9. Do NOT post bots, hacks, cheats of the game. ===
  10. Abuse, Insults, harassment, misbehavior, disrespecting, threats and racism will NOT be tolerated. ===
  11. Do NOT place the admin/patroller/bureaucrat template on your user page. ===
  12. Do NOT advertise any other games. ===


When in trouble, contact these admins.

  1. RonBWL - Bureaucrat
  2. Simrock  - Administrator
  3. Abel09 - Administrator
  4. Caubengonghich - Administrator
  5. Nickzjsa2809 - Administrator
  6. DAYUM20K - Administrator
  7. JJBisNowHere - Patroller
  8. AvalancheExia - Patroller

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