Cube World
Cube World is a launch Mutant Escape map set on various floating islands made mostly of blocks, hence the name. Soldiers must go through these islands while defending against the incoming horde of mutants, but also without falling to their doom.


  • CF China: World Pursuit.
  • No other versions yet.


There are a total of 5 off-board maps, and the mercenaries can open the door or portal after reaching the designated mark position. Mercenaries need to defend for a period of time when they reach the end of each level (1~4 is 40 seconds and the 5th is 120 seconds) before they can enter the next level through the portal.

When the portal is opened, if the mercenaries do not pass through the portal within 20 seconds, they will be infected or killed. After each short period of time shortcuts may appear.

The number of players which may transform into a mutant will depend on the number of players in that game. Please refer to the table below for your reference.

Number of Players Number of Mutants
2 Players 1 Mutant
3-5 Players 2 Mutants
6-8 Players 3 Mutants
9-12 Players 4 Mutants
13-16 Players 5 Mutants
17-21 Players 6 Mutants
22-25 Players 7 Mutants
26-29 Players 8 Mutants
30 Players 9 Mutants

Extra Rules

  • There is no collision between all players, and when the role is similar, it becomes translucent.
  • Mutants have infinite life and have the ability to jump 2.
  • Mutants have a faster recovery speed, stop 2 seconds, every 1 seconds will reply to 1000HP.

being killed by any weapon can be resurrected.

  • After a mutant is upgraded to Level 2, it will not be relegated to a level 1 mutant after death.