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Desert Eagle
Pistol DesertEagle
  • DE
  • Deagle


  • Magnum Reasearch Inc.
  • Israel Weapon Industries

United States/Israel

Obtained by
  • Item Shop
Magazine Size
  • 7/35
  • 7/28
Fire Mode



.50 Action Express


The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic magnum pistol featured in Crossfire.


The Desert Eagle features high damage and accuracy, and able to takedown the opponents with 2-3 shot on the body. It also combined with it's high rate of fire. But this gun has a small ammo capacity, and pretty slow reloading speed. But it's still very popular for the players due it's advantages.

Version differences Edit

  • CF Vietnam: The Desert Eagle's firepower has been nerfed and players needed to score 4 body hits or 2 headshots to kill armoured opponents. Many players complain that DE was treated so unfairly, and the Anaconda or S&W M66 are often favored because the Desert Eagle is too weak in CF Vietnam.


  • Desert Eagle is one of the two Pistol available in all global CF Tournament (WEM, WCG and CFS), the other being COLT1911. It is also the most used because of its superior stats comparing to the Colt.
  • Unlike the Anaconda, Desert Eagle does not receive "Black" variant, being replaced with Camo. There are only two "Black DE" available, the WEM and WCG - both featuring black skin finish with respective tournament mark on the barrel. These guns are very rare nowadays and considered one of the must-have with all elite players.
  • The Desert Eagle features most customization among all Pistols, with Scope and Silencer separated variants similar to the AK47.
  • Despite featuring a silver-white skin (more like chrome or stainless steel actually), there actually exists a Desert Eagle Silver. This gun has a darker Silver skin comparing to the normal DE, but comes with more ammo and faster reload like most other Black Market DE variants.
  • In early CF versions, Desert Eagle has a different skin, notably more silver and close to the DE in Counter-Strike: Source. Model files can still be found in CF Vietnam client.
  • The Desert Eagle is kind of underpowered in-game, as it's .50AE cartridges are just weaker than the Raging Bull's powerful .454 Casull rounds.



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