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Desert Eagle



Magnum Reasearch Inc.

Obtained by

Various possibilities

Fire Mode

Single Shot


7/35 (standard) 7/28 (CF Vietnam)

The Desert Eagle is currently the most-used secondary weapon. It is obtainable in the Item Shop for 35,000 GP.

Its three-shot-kill and one-shot-headshot within its effective range, combined with its high rate of fire are the two main reasons behind its popularity. On the rare occasion, you could two shot on the body and kill someone, given that you are close enough. Its biggest drawback is its small 7-round clip, and users often find themselves reloading while under fire. While relatively expensive, most consider the three shot kill worth it if you have the money, and the Desert Eagle can easily drop targets at full health when under fire.

It is often compared with the Anaconda, and rightfully so. The main differences are that the DE fires faster, has much higher range before the bullets lose their potency. The Anaconda has a few advantages over the DE however, those being accuracy and reload time. To most people, the Desert Eagle is still the best handgun available.

Version differenceEdit

  • CF Vietnam: The Desert Eagle's firepower is nerfed and players need to score 4 body hits or 2 headshots to kill armoured opponents. Many players complain that DE was treated so unfairly, and the Anaconda or S&W M66 are often favored because the Desert Eagle is too weak in CF Vietnam

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