Disposal Plant
Disposal Plant is a weapon pickup Elimination map within a sewage treatment facility for polluted water.


  • Purification Plant (China & Taiwan).
  • Water Plant (North America and Europe).
  • Plant (Español).


Sharing the same weapons as Terminal, this map has sixteen XM1014 shotgun, eight grenades spreaded out and two Desert Eagle in the middle area. Unlike Terminal, you don't need to race for the shotguns as you immediatly start with the shotguns right in the spawn area of both teams.

It's symmetrical and is divided by four section like in Crossroad. It's surrounded by polluted water, although it's safe to walk in it. The water can be used to track nearby enemies, however they might be shift walking. If you break the wooden planks with any weapons, you'll able to get a frag grenade (four around the map and four in the center).

There's two tunnel crossing over the whole middle area, but are blocked with iron bars. The middle area can be frantic at time, since people might be rushing the two pistols. Also how small this map is, camping might be an ideal option, knowing how good shotguns are in CQC environment.



Chinese CrossFire - Purification Plant Elimination !09:39

Chinese CrossFire - Purification Plant Elimination !

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