Dragon Blade is a Chinese melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


This sword has dragon shaped blade with intricate carving on it, and is chained to the hilt. It has a similar shape with the Ghost Blade wielded by Knights in Mutation Knight Mode.

The Dragon Blade has a very fast primary attack (On pair with Persona Blade), has great range, and has a lighter weight than other swords like the Katana and Xuan Yuan Sword. The primary attack consists of powerful swings capable of one-hit kill with Headshot (88 HP with armor), while the secondary attack is a 2-hit combo consisting of a heavy slash followed by a frontal stab, both dealing lethal 1-hit kill damage.

This secondary attack has one of the longest reach among melee weapons (Surpassing the range of Keris's stab), which is offset by the fact that it takes a long time to execute.

In Challenge Mode, when holding this sword, pressing 3 with a charged bar execute an attacks consist of 3 slashes and a frontal stab. When player perform the combo, they will immune to any attack from bosses and zombies, but running speed of the player will very slow.


  • CF China.
  • CF Vietnam.


  • The Dragon Blade is the second Chinese melee weapon featured in the game, after the Xuan Yuan Sword.
  • The combo attack of the Dragon Blade consists of a heavy slash and is followed by the blade and its chain extending out of the hit to make a stabbing motion. This second stab attack could actually confuse players not used to the Dragon Blade: it seems the second attack of the RMB has a very long range because of the chain, but actually this stab has the same range as the first slash attack.
  • Surprisingly, Dragon Blade received a Silver variant, similar to Kukri-Beast.
  • In CF Vietnam, this weapon and the Silver variant has different names, the original named Dragon Slayer Blade and the Silver variant named Tian Long Blade.
    • It's also one of the few original weapons come to this server after it's variant has been updated for a long time.
  • When the player perform the 4 slashes combo, they will immune to any attack from bosses and zombies, including the strongest attack of Uranus: Energy Blast, which will instantly kill anyone caught in the blast even though the player have the damage reduction items.
  • This weapon was supposed to be a VVIP weapon, according to the Sockets of the models ("pv_vvip_dragon_blade_eyetrail_pvp" "pv_vvip_dragon_blade_bigshot_01" "pv_vvip_dragon_blade_sp_bigshot_01" "pv_vvip_dragon_blade_trail_01" "pv_vvip_dragon_blade_trail_02")



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