Dragon Blade-Silver is a melee variant of Dragon Blade featured in CrossFire.


This sword has a similar shape with the Ghost Blade wielded by Knights in Mutation Knight Mode, but it has silver finish with dragon carving on its blade.

The Dragon Blade-Silver has a very fast primary attack (On pair with the Persona Blade), has great range, and has a lighter weight than other swords like the Katana and Xuan Yuan Sword. The primary attack consists of powerful swings capable of one-hit kill with Headshot (88 HP with armor), while the secondary attack is a 2-hit combo consisting of a heavy slash followed by a frontal stab, both dealing lethal 1-hit kill damage.

This secondary attack has one of the longest reach among melee weapons (Surpassing the range of Keris's stab), which is offset by the fact that it takes a long time to execute.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Español
  • CF North America


  • This is the only Silver melee weapon available in CrossFire, and it unintentionally marks the return of Silver weapons after Ultimate Silver and USS weapons took over a few years ago.
  • Again, this weapon was added to CF VN even though the stock variant didn't come yet. Also it's placed in Victory Set B capsule as main prize (along with AK47-Knife-DMZ Victory and Knife-Victory) even though this weapon doesn't have anything to do with Victory WS.
    • Same case in CF PH. Bundled with the same weapons stated above in the 8th Anniversary Set B.
  • In Crossfire VN, this weapon can be obtain permanently for free after buying Xuan Yuan Sword in Mileage Shop from 1/11/2017 to 30/11/2017, alongside with War Fan after buying M66-Legend Dragon.
  • In CF North America, this melee weapon is obtainable permanently upon the pre-order of AK12-Iron Spider and Gatling Gun-Infernal Dragon VIPs.