Dual Colt Hellfire is a pistol variant of the Dual Colt.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Japan
  • CF North America
  • CF Russia
  • CF Europe
  • CF Philippines


Unlike the M37 Stakeout-Hellfire, this gun features a black-silver hellfire skin, and each colt has a different skin color instead of one skin-mirrored like the other Dual Colt variants.

The Dual Colt Hellfire in most servers feature 26 rounds magazine (52 in reverse), making it the third largest ammo clip among other pistols, only behind PMR-30 and MAC-10. It also has a different HUD where characters hold them similar to Dual Uzi, but in smaller angles with a different reloading animation.


  • Dual Colt Hellfire somehow requires more CPU resources to be displayed properly on screen. When the players first enters a match or switches to a bag with it, the screen would freeze for a few seconds before the weapons could show it. This happens only once during a match, as the weapon's texture is then kept in the RAM memory so it won't freeze again. It's unknown what caused this.
  • When this weapon shoots, sometimes it show muzzleflash correctly, sometimes incorrectly (e.g showing muzzleflash on the wrong gun), and it can even shows no muzzleflash when firing. Also, sometimes it appears that this weapon shows no firing animation in the moment it suppose to be.
  • Like Dual Colt-9th and Dual Colt Volcano, this gun has faster firing speed compare to other variants. Due to being a semi-auto weapon, it still depend on how fast the player clicking they LMB.



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Cross Fire China Dual Colt-Hellfire Review !

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CrossFire - Dual Colt-Hellfire Review

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