Dual Kukri is a special melee variant of the Kukri available only in Hero Mode X. It's the weapon of choice of Commando, equivalent to Nemesis' Dual Axes.

Both Kukris have a unique reddish skin with a ring attached on the blade - they are held in both hand with the right one facing downward. The primary attack consists of two quick slashes, each deal 1400 damage to mutants (body hit). Secondary attack has Commando holds back both Kukris to the center then slash them at once, deal up to 4200 damage.


  • Unlike other reskin weapons, Dual Kukri doesn't have a separate texture file - its skin is instead merged with Commando's skin. If viewed in 3rd person, one can see Dual Kukri has no skin at all, they are simply normal Kukri in Commando's hand.


CrossFire VN - Dual Kukri03:04

CrossFire VN - Dual Kukri

CrossFire Vietnam Dual Kukri ☆04:06

CrossFire Vietnam Dual Kukri ☆

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