Dual MP7 is a dual-wielded submachine gun variant of the MP7.


Unlike the Dual Uzi, Dual MP7 features two MP7A1 with the front handle been pulled up with stock retracted and the lack of scope . Also, characters hold two MP7 vertically like with Dual Colts / Dual DE instead of side way like the Dual Uzi. This weapon features 60-rounds capacity (120 in reserve), making it the same level with Thompson. It has fast firing rate, moderate firepower and an attached silencer that makes the gun more useful but the accuracy and recoil somewhat below average due to two guns being fired from each hand.


  • CF Russia
  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America
  • CF Europe


  • Again, this gun has ammo inconsistency in CFVN, 60/120 in normal modes and 60/180 in Mutation mode & variants.



CrossFire - Dual MP7 - Weapon Gameplay06:10

CrossFire - Dual MP7 - Weapon Gameplay

Dual MP7 Gameplay

CrossFire Dual Kriss Super V & MP7A1 Preview Quick Announcement AznBankaii-002:51

CrossFire Dual Kriss Super V & MP7A1 Preview Quick Announcement AznBankaii-0

Cross Fire China -- Dual MP7A1 -Review-!02:51

Cross Fire China -- Dual MP7A1 -Review-!

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