Advanced version of UZI, which was designed by IWI, Italy. With a faster shooting velocity than the original model its combined assault power is more than a match for your enemies
- CF NA Weapon Description
The Dual Uzi is a compact, dual-wield SMG of the Uzi.


It is strong in close combat, but does little damage at long distance. For people who like to storm the front in maps such as Egypt or China Town, this is a great gun as a result of it's large ammunition capacity. In CF Philippines, this weapon can be found in one of the supply crates in Mutation Mode/Hero Mode.

The advantages of the Dual Uzi include the high ammo capacity and fast fire rate. Disadvantages include it's high price and low damage.

In CF North America and CF Vietnam, Dual Uzi is available in Item Shop, cash item. It's available for 48,000 GP in CF EU. 


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Europe
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia


  • The two Uzis used for this variant is actually a Micro Uzi instead of Mini Uzi. Its magazine should be holding 50 rounds each instead of just 25.
  • Unlike the Dual Colt, Dual Uzi has a different HUD, where characters hold it side way instead of straight up. However in the old days, it shares HUD with Dual Colt (Both guns are held straight up).
  • This gun is a daily mission reward in CF Philippines but it was changed to 5000 GP.
    • After being removed in the Mega Lotto, this gun is now only obtainable in Mutation Mode supply boxes.




CrossFire - Dual Uzi - Weapon Gameplay06:16

CrossFire - Dual Uzi - Weapon Gameplay

Dual Uzi gameplay

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