Elite mode is an add-on feature for Search & Destroy mode, where players are free to use up to 8 of their weapons (primary, secondary and grenades) by earning TP to buy them. GR starts with a Beretta M9 and BL starts with a Glock-18 , both team then must accomplish the map's objective by planning/defusing C4 and/or killing the opposite team to earn TP. Once a round starts, players are given 3 seconds to buy equipment (Which is their chosen weapons) to start the round. If they survive, they get to carry these weapons to the next round or they can buy new one, but if they die, they must start with the basic pistol again. Other players can pick up weapons left behind by dead players and carry it to the next round if they survive.


  • CF Korea
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF China
  • CF Japan


  • Elite Mode was a individual mode in CF China, as the first "5 basic mode"(TD, S&D, Ghost, Elimination and Elite), players can choose it easily. BL starts with Glock-18 and GR starts with USP, that's because Beretta M9 has been removed from item shop in CF China. This mode has been deleted during Mutation Mode updated in CF China, because this mode had too many bugs, Ghost could buy guns in Ghost mode and kill GR invisibly or players could buy some rare guns though they didn't have it in their storage.
  • Nowdays in CF Japan, both BL and GR start with Beretta M9.