FAD (Fusil Automático Doble) is an assault rifle in CrossFire.


This gun is strong at close range, and it can defeat the enemy easily by tapping on long range and bursting on close range - spraying is not recommended as the pattern will become uncontrollable after the first 5 rounds, so it's best to do short burst. Has a standard 30 rounds magazine and reloads quite fast.


  • CF China - Cash Item.
  • CF Vietnam - Black Market.
  • CF North America - Coupons.



CrossFire - FAD - Weapon Gameplay05:32

CrossFire - FAD - Weapon Gameplay

Cross Fire China FAD Review !-002:57

Cross Fire China FAD Review !-0

CrossFire China FAD ☆03:37

CrossFire China FAD ☆

CrossFire Vietnam FAD ☆-002:37

CrossFire Vietnam FAD ☆-0

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