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FAL Custom

Assault Rifle


FN Herstal



Obtained by

Black Market

Acquision via
Magazine Size


Fire Mode



7.62x51mm NATO

Secondary fire / Modes

Optical zoom scope


FAL Custom is a limited edition gun available in CF Japan. As its name suggest, this gun is a customized variant of the FN FAL, fitted with metallic buttstock, Grenade Launcher, Optical zoom scope and a 30 rounds magazine instead of 20. Its power and accuracy are nearly equal to the normal M4A1 - it reloads slower than the M4A1, but the optical zoom scope is functional, although firing rate decreases while zooming.

The FAL Custom is only available in the Japanese Crossfire. It was released with the Assault Girls Capsule Pack, which also includes the PPK and RAI Model 500.


  • In 2012, the FAL Custom HUD was glitched and show its Camo counterpart view. This seems to be affected by the same glitch that turned FAL Camo in Hero Mode to FAL Custom (Losing its Camo skin)
  • The FAL Custom is now completely gone from CF Japan, as its skin has been replaced with FAL Camo's. It's unknown why, but probably because Assault Girls weapons are not permanent (Best prize up to 30d only), so it's safe to assume that nobody still has this gun as of now in CF Japan.
  • Rumor has it that CF Vietnam may bring this gun over, given that VTC is always interested in money-making weapons and the Assault Girl set has been on Community's Top Demand List for a long time. There is a high chance that this will happen, unless CF Japan still kept exclusive license for these guns in their version (Which is unlikely because the crate is long gone by now).

Gallery Edit


Crossfire Japan - FAL Custom!01:35

Crossfire Japan - FAL Custom!

Gameplay (Old HUD)

FAL Custom review00:50

FAL Custom review

Review (New HUD)

FAL Custom Gameplay09:50

FAL Custom Gameplay

Glitched Camo skin

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