FAMAS is a bullpup assault rifle designed and manufactured in France. Its low recoil creates good stability with a strong cycle rate & damage power.
- CF NA Weapon Description

The FAMAS F1 is an assault rifle featured in Crossfire.


This gun is one of few assault rifles that has an alternate firing mode in the form of a 3-round burst. While this mode helps to educate newer players to not spray and make their shots count, it is unnecessary to more experienced players as you can fire a 3-round burst faster in fully automatic mode than in the 3-burst mode.

The FAMAS holds an ammo count of 25/75 in CrossFire. This is unfortunate considering the FAMAS's high firing rate. A quick reload can mitigate the pain of reloading often, though.

The FAMAS is available for 42000 GP at the Sergeant rank, but sees little action due to the fact that most players will abandon the FAMAS in favor of more accurate and powerful rifles with larger magazine sizes. However, the FAMAS, like any other rifle, is versatile and useful in most combat situations. It should be noted that the three round burst, similar to the XM8-Adv burst, is ideal at mid to far distances as the bullet placement allows for multiple shots to hit. The FAMAS, unlike the XM8, does not have a 1-shot headshot unless at close ranges. Due to its considerable drawbacks, the FAMAS is rarely seen in-game.



  • This gun have different firing sound in beta version, as can be seen in one of New Deathmatch gameplay.



CrossFire - FAMAS - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - FAMAS - Weapon Gameplay

Famas Gameplay