FN F2000-Red Skull is a special variant of the FN F2000.


It features a red-skull skin, improved ammo capacity and faster reload time than the Green Skull variant.


  • CF Vietnam, CF China and CF Philippines are the only versions to feature 37 rounds magazine (111 in reverse), all other CF version feature standard 35 rounds magazine (105 in reverse)
  • Unlike other CF version, it is possible to obtain FN F2000 Red Skull in the first AI Ticket in CF Vietnam and CF Russia.



CrossFire - FN F2000 Red Skull - Weapon Gameplay06:30

CrossFire - FN F2000 Red Skull - Weapon Gameplay

FN F2000 Red Skull gameplay

Cross Fire China FN F2000-Red Skull Review !-002:03

Cross Fire China FN F2000-Red Skull Review !-0

FN F2000 Red Skull review

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