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Name: FOX
Other Name:
  • FQS
  • Spirit Fox
  • Fox-Howl
  • S.W.F
Origin: Russia
Type: Soldiers (Female)
GP(s): N/A
  • 1500 (30d) (CF China)
  • 8200 ZP (CF NA)
  • 10 Vcoin/crate (CF VN)
  • 150 eCoin (CF PH)

FOX (Frontial Operation X) is one of the female characters in CrossFire, available in most CF versions. In the Chinese version, she's available in the Item Shop. In most versions, this character is available in the Black Market.

In Russia, FOX has their own Russian voice, similar to STAR in CF Korea.


  • Even though the descriptions in CF North America state that Fox "stripped armor for speed", they don't actually run any faster than other characters.
  • Like other popular characters in CF China, players cannot buy FOX permanently, they can only be rented for a period of time.
  • FOX's GR HUD incorrectly shows hand models of the S.T.A.R, with black shirt and yellow stripe, although the gloves are correct. This happens because FOX's HUD is just a recolored version of S.T.A.R.'s HUD. Fixed in CF PH, but still exists in CF Vietnam


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