FP (Friend Points) is a currency system in CrossFire, available in all version with Buddy Referral System.


FP is seperated from GP and Cash Points and it's not displayed in Players' storage or Lobby info page. FP can be earned by having newbie players refer to you, and 10% of their EXP after each games will be converted to FP for you. The rate decreases as newbie players ranking up, and eventually they won't be able to earn you anymore FP after they've reached certain ranking (Depend on each server). It is possible to buy FP via Cash by purchasing the Golden Mask Item.

FP can be used to purchase special items and characters in the Point Mall (Also separated from Item Shop).


FP was created in CrossFire Latin America which serves as a third currency, serves to exchange items for temporary blue crystal. In CrossFire Latin America, this system has also added 2 soldiers, SWAT-ELITE and SPOP-ELITE in the recent patch.


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