Factory has 2 variants, Team Deathmatch & Search & Destroy.



The map is located in a usual factory. It is a very close quarters map. The upper level makes for an all-out war-zone with it's combated space. The lower level on the the hand, leads to the sewer, which then leads to the Black List base. Overall not much is said about this map, other than having a sewer level and a dynamic and compact area.

  • Global Risk Base:

Global Risk start off at a dynamic level, surrounded by compacted brick walls, and a chippy double door in front of them. Behind the double doors is the Black List Base. Both bases are horribly close together, allowing faster kill time in the entire match and game.

  • Black List Base:

Black List start off in the Sewers and a control room. As compact as it may be, there are many open spaces involved in the base. :like the Global Risk Base, the Black List Base is close to the Global Risk Base, allowing kill time and the total game time to be quite faster than most Team Death Match Games.




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