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Fatal Canyon is the second Trial Challenge map, set within a large canyon area. Soldiers will have to defend various points of interest. Two dangerous bosses are awaiting their arrival; including a familiar looking giant lizard.


  • CF China: Lizard Canyon
  • No other versions yet.


This map is broken into 4 parts, although it's only represented by three rounds ingame:

Soldiers are tasked to defend an Energy Tube for 2:30 against an infinite number of zombies. The outer area is split into 3 sections: Starting point that leads up to the Energy Tube, the corridor across the canyon, and an upper balcony that holds special supply drops (AP Gatling Gun) that's reachable via Jumping pads. Zombies will attempt to reach soldiers by jumping across the canyon if shot at, otherwise, they will rush the Energy Tube. Some heavy mechs will appear when the timer is running out, which soldiers must pay close attention to.

This area leads down from the outer space to the Chemical Plan. The goal is straightforward: Kill all zombies guarding this area.

Soldiers will face the boss Wesley Longbill here. Along with avoiding his attacks, care must be taken to defuse his C4 before it explodes, or the Energy Tube will break and the mission will be failed.

On Hard difficulty onward, Uranus will emerge after Longbill is killed - soldiers will have to travel side-to-side across the canyon until they reach the last defense line that contains two Flak 88 gun. These will be available to use once Uranus makes his way here - it's powerful and protect soldiers from his attack, but the firing rate is slow and it has its own life bar, so if it's destroyed, it will need some time to cool down, than you can use it again. Concentrate on shooting him until he drops.


  • Fatal Canyon combines almost all aspects of all ZM generations, include progressing through the area (Survival), defending an object (Defense Mode), and using soldiers' weapons and tools to beat the boss (Assault & ZM3 mechanics). The only missing aspect is Racing, since there are no seciton that requires traveling through the course on hoverboard.
  • This is the first PvE map that features voice instructions, as the older one only have text communication from GR center. However, it's in Chinese instead of English, so other servers would have to redo the voice files before updating this map.


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