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The Field Shovel is a powerful Melee weapon. It can be obtained in multiple ways.

Melee Weapon
The field shovel.
  1. You can rent it in the Shop for 2,300 ZP for 7 days in CF NA. In CF Europe you can rent it the Shop for 700 RP for 1 day.
  2. You can win it in a ZP Crate in the Black Market (7 days at a time) (CF NA).


The left click on your mouse does a slash attack that first swings from top right to bottom left. If you hold down the left click, it will continuously slash from top left to bottom right. This attack takes 2 hits to body and 1 hit to head to kill. The right click does a 1-hit 100% damage from right to left swing to anywhere on the body, although, the cinematic and the actual attack are not in sync, so getting used to it will be difficult.


Shovel Gold RedDragonShovel Shovel Halloween 2011
Field Shovel Ultimate Gold Field Shovel Red Dragon Field Shovel Halloween (2011)
Shovel XMAS
Field Shovel XMAS
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