Free For All (FFA or Deathmatch) is a game mode in CrossFire.


Free for All artwork.


Everything goes in Free For All, as all players are out against each other whether or not they are Black List or Global Risk. A room can start with 2 to 16 players (Include Spectators), and the weapons can be set to All, Sniper, Pistol or Melee. Players spawn in random spot around the maps and will battle until the time limit runs (5, 8, 10 or 12 minutes) out or someone achieved certain kills (Be it 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30). The host can choose the number of seconds it takes for someone to respawn (0, 3, 5, 10).

In some servers, Vote System is available for FFA. It can be toggled on/off by room host. Anyone can vote to kick someone out in this mode.

Spawn Mechanics

FFA spawning has different mechanics for different servers. The following are the commonly observed:

  • Every player who spawns has a period of invincibility or spawn protection. The newly spawned player will glow red until the grace period ends. Average spawn protection time is 3 seconds (varies from server to server). Newly spawned players can be detected by their melee weapon draw sound.
    • In CF China, the Invincibility period can be turned off, leaving players with only one second immune to damage (to draw their weapon). They are subjected to damage as soon as the "melee draw" sound finishes.
  • Despite the random spawning that occurs on specific locations, in most servers it is observed that dead players tend to spawn near live enemies and also near newly spawned enemies in rapid succession.
    • It is common for someone to spawn right next to an enemy that is near their spawn location. This increases the chances that newly spawned players will get at least a single kill, but this is also a hindrance to live players, as they cannot kill a newly spawned enemy until their spawn invincibility wears off.
    • In most cases, dead enemies tend to spawn near each other: For example in FFA Black Widow, one player spawns inside the tunnel then another player spawns on the nearby covered catwalk.
    • Logistics Center is the only FFA map that spawns players as far away from each other as possible.


Here are the maps where Free for All mode is available.


  • All players will use GR's killsound regardless of whether they play on BL / GR side. The only player that will use BL's killsound is the one on 1st slot in BL's side.
  • CF Philippines has more spawn points in Black Widow FFA than any other CF Version.
    • This is also one of the modes that doesn't implement the Vote System therefore, this mode is being swarmed by a number of cheating users.
  • All wallhack users plays and cheats this game because it has no kick voting and it was the easy way to boost their record. Because of this, Voting system has been developed for FFA mode and since everyone can call a vote, it's easier to kick out hackers (Unless many people don't care / don't pay attention to the vote).

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