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G11 is a kind of assault rifle. It's the exclusive prize in Challenge Mode, obtainable only via Reward Crates (Red Crystal and Destroyer's crates).


The G11 has the third largest magazine capacity behind the Snake DBR and AR-57, holding 45 rounds per magazine with 135 in reserve. It also has optical zoom scope, which activate Burst mode (3-shot) when used. This gun has a fairly good damage dealing and accuracy, but reloading time is a bit slow.


  • All versions


Qewdwqd (7) G11-Gold Desert Skull
Blue Skull Yellow Skull
Rifle G11-OrangeSkull
Orange Skull



CrossFire - G11 - Weapon Gameplay05:44

CrossFire - G11 - Weapon Gameplay

G11 Gameplay

Cross Fire China G11 Review !03:14

Cross Fire China G11 Review !

G11 review


  • G11 never made its way into full production since the West and East Germany had reunified. This was also due to lack of procurement contract although the development was a technical success. So far, only approximately 1.000 units had made their way into the Bundeswehr.

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