Galil ARM Camo is an assault rifle variant of Galil ARM featured in CrossFire.


Like the AK-47 Camo, this variant features a gray/greenish camouflage skin on its body (minus the wooden handguard and pistol grip). It has a 35-round magazine (+5) and slightly improved accuracy.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Europe
  • CF North America
  • CF Korea
  • CF Philippines


  • Again, this gun was released first in CF Vietnam despite its original variant was unavailable. It's also the only permanent Galil ARM variant due to the original one only obtainable via Attendance System reward (temp).
  • In CF Europe, this weapon is mistakenly named as 'Micro Galil Camo' despite not being a Micro Galil variant. This was fixed in a future update.



CrossFire - Galil ARM Camo - Weapon Gameplay08:22

CrossFire - Galil ARM Camo - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire Korea Galil-Camo ☆03:17

CrossFire Korea Galil-Camo ☆

CrossFire Vietnam Galil-Camo ☆03:54

CrossFire Vietnam Galil-Camo ☆

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