There are various game modes available for players to choose from upon creating rooms. Including Players Vs. Players with various mechanics and rules (with additional restriction to some of them) and Players vs. Environment cooperative based modes. Here's all of the game modes available in the game:

Room Settings

The room host can also select a few settings for their room:

  • Spectators: Allow players to watch the match from Spectator seat (Unavailable in Bot-TD)
  • Password protection: Other players must enter password to join (Unavailable in Bot-TD)
  • Vote kick: Selecting OFF means no one can vote to kick anyone out. (Unavailable in Bot-TD)
  • Join in middle: Set this to OFF to prevent other players from joining once the match starts. (Unavailable in Bot-TD)
  • Weapons: Select either Pistol, Sniper, Shotgun, Melee or RPG/Melee to limit weapon usage (TDM and FFA). There is also a Headshot Only option, which force players to score Headshots to kill opponents.
  • Respawning time: Set respawning time in TDM and FFA, default is 3 second. Selecting 0 means players will respawn immediately after getting killed. Unavailable in CF Japan and CF Vietnam.
  • Flash/Smoke limit: Set this to OFF to prevent players from using Flashbang and Smoke Grenade.