"This is a mercenary force that used transparent Ghost toolkit for the first time. As an origin of Ghost squad, they’ve operated lots of secret missions and disappeared along with stealing of Ghost tool Kit. The male members of them were called “Y”."
- in-game description

Ghost-Y is a male character featured in CrossFire.


Ghost-Y is an advanced version of the Tactical Suit Male character. Both share the same outfit but this new one wears a tactical headset and goggles. This character comes with various skill depending on the types. Ghost-Y can be won through the AI Ticket system along with some other golden guns in most versions. However, in CrossFire Japan, it can be purchased within the Point Mall (known as Ghost-M there).


If using AI Tickets, you can either win type α and/or β, both have different useful skill and both can be obtained once each or else it will it will simply show the max crate item message.

  • Type α: Increased time on the Adrenaline bar in Zombie Mode games.
  • Type β: Permanent Fall Damage Reduce (really useful).