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Glock-18 is a pistol featured in CrossFire.


Glock-18 is a Burst Fire pistol which deals low damage in its class and is lower than M9 with higher recoil compared to other pistols which makes this pistol unpopular. It's main feature is its ability to switch between 3-round burst mode and semi-automatic mode. It has one of the largest magazine capacity in its class as a single-wielded pistol. It's also very light because this gun is made of polymer frame which is common for Glock pistols.

This gun is a basic weapon in Chinese Crossfire besides USP and M16.


  • Quick drawing time.
  • Very light.
  • Decent accuracy.
  • Carries 20 rounds of 9x19mm Parabellum per magazine.
  • Can be switched to Semi-Automatic or Burst-Fire mode.


  • Weakest firepower among other pistols.
  • High recoil.


  • Glock-18 is a fully automatic handgun in real life. The most likely reason that makes it a burst-fire pistol in CrossFire is because CF is heavily influenced by Counter Strike where the Glock-18 there is a 3-round burst pistol.
  • This Glock-18 has a heat ventilation hole near the edge of its front slide (can be seen in 1st person), which makes it appear as a Glock-18C.
    • According to the law of firearms, guns with heat ventilation holes should have a lighter recoil instead since the ventilation system helps to quickly cool down the barrel. Illogically however, this doesn't appear on Glock-18 in the game.
  • This gun was in the GP Lotto in Crossfire Philippines but it was removed after a limited time only.



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