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Golden Day event interface page

Golden Day is a CrossFire event available in CF Vietnam. During event time, players can gather playtime and their result in-game to exchange for gifts.

The Golden Day event is interacted via event website - once registered and logged in, players can check the letter cards they've earned and the prize associated to it. There are 8 letter cards (N, G, À, Y, V, À, N, G) available, each requires a different condition to collect:

  • Letter N: Playing time 2 hours
  • Letter G: Gain 300 exps
  • Letter À: Gain 500 exps
  • Letter Y: Gain 800 exps
  • Letter V: Score 200 kills
  • Letter À: Score 600 kills
  • Letter N: Complete Daily Mission
  • Letter G: Own any Black Market item
  • Full letter: Special Black Market crates (3 or 5 crates)

If players have gained enough playing time / EXP / kills for a letter, it will light up and a small number at the lower left corner indicates how many letters can be exchanged (Scoring 1200 kills will light up 2 "À" letters and 6 "V" letters and similar). The letter G can only be exchanged once, but it will always light up so players can exchange the full letter prize. Once a letter has been exchanged for gifts, it will disappear and other letters with same condition will change its counter (Scoring 1200 kills can earn players 2 "À" letters or 6 "V" letters. Exchanging one "À" letter, and they will be able to get 1 "À" letters or 5 "V" letters and so on...)

Goldenday prize

A typical Prize list

The event website will be updated every day at 10:00 pm (GMT +7), so players will need to check their result at the next day after they are done playing for the present day. Once the event ends, the website will remain opened for another 24 hours so players can exchange gifts for their last day - afterward, VTC will not support any problems related to this event.


  • Because of high traffic, the event website sometimes displays error when players exchange gift (Exchange Failed) but the items are still added to players' storage. This glitch was once exploited to gain infinite Bronze crates, and some people got away with secondary prizes won from Black Market since VTC only removes their Bronze weapons. This glitch has been silently fixed in subsequent events.

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