HGW game watcher

HGW Game Watcher is an Anti-hacking program that comes included with CrossFire. When the game is launched, this program will check CF folder to verify that all important data are original and up-to-date. If something has been changed, HGW will be terminated with an error messenger (File Is Changed) to tell players which file has caused the problem. After all files have been checked, HGW will close itself and launch CF.exe, at which point the game will be launched and put under protection of XTrap.

Because HGW checks files before CF is launched, this process costs less CPU resource and can run smoothly on mid-end computer without lagging. It is also protected by XTrap to avoid being killed or modified, but once checking is done, it won't continue running.


HGW is responsible for blocking players' account should it detect any abnormal activities while CF is running, although numerous reports indicate that faulty detection occurs quite often. If an abnormal activity is detected, HGW will give out "Hack tool has been detected" messenger and close the game. The first few times it'd just be a warning, but if the same account continues to get this error, they will eventually be blocked for 1 hour, 3 hour, 7 hour then up to 1 day, 3 days, 7 days and finally 30 days. All publishers will not accept any dispute against thse autoblock and players only have one choice, which is waiting for the blocking time to expire in order to play again.