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Heraklops (a.k.a. Goliath in Z8 CF, Hercules in CF PH, Abomination in CF ID) is one of the Challenge Mode boss mutant appearing in Round 30 in BL Camp & Valkyrie Lab maps.


  • Freezing Scream: Heraklops will emit a loud scream that will make you unable to move from your current position if you are within its attack's radius. While doing this attack, it cannot harm you in any way, you should kill close zombies because they are a potential danger in groups. (lasts 5 seconds)
  • Chains Ball Strikes: This one can be easily dodge, it will attempt to strike you by throwing his Chains Ball from the side. (deals 30 damage)
  • Chains Ball Slam: Heraklops will attempt to crush you by throwing it from above. Stay away when Heraklops does this attack, because even if you think you're far enough from the attack's range, it might still get you. (deals 30 damage)

BL Camp (Unearth)

This map can be hard to fight Heraklops because of the map's layout. However, you can easily do the lure tactics within the room where players usually camp in. Keep the boss away from whoever lure the hordes or else it will freeze & kill him, thus making every zombies break loose. Using melee weapons against Challenge Mode Bosses (except Chaos) has always proven to be extremely effective (right click + F Skill). So whenever you have the chance, do it and watch his HPs going down. Just watch out for his Slam attack because it will get you if you don't take early precaution.

Valkyrie Lab

Fighting Heraklops in the final area is the same area as Secret Valley because of the flat & open area. If someone do the luring tactics near the ammo supply (where snipers can't get you). Snipers only spawn once in each door, so take them out and you won't have any problem with them. The others will fight Heraklops at the ramp (in front of the Gate) and his freeze attack will not affect whoever lure the horde, but always try to keep him away. Valkyrie Lab as always been an easy map, so is the boss, with or without the luring tactics (however it's faster that way), an easy way to collect Heraklops kills & crates.

Pro Tips

  • If it freezes you, take priorities on zombies.
  • Do the luring tactics to avoid to do the previous tips and to make the battle faster.
  • Use melee weapons with F-Skills for effective damages against it.
  • Another way to get lots of free shot on it, you just need to find a way to jump on his head and try to stay on it and keep shooting. It might not be able to get you. However his freeze attack will make you fall.


Beating it 5 times will get you a Heraklops (Goliath) Boss Crate. You could get various Challenge Mode exclusive items, including boss related items:

  • Heraklops Wrappings: Same Bandana as Heraklops'.
  • Heraklops Canteen: A small canteen with lots of chains. Do not wear it if you use mags.
  • Iron Mace (HC Grenade): A slower Wide Grenade in form of Heraklops' wrecking chains ball. It does massive damage (HC: High Capacity) but draw / throw it slowly.

In CF Japan Heraklops Wrappings and  canteen gives you aditional +15% experience.


When ZM is first released, a glitch occurs that makes Heraklops' freezing scream attack has no sound effect, making it very hard for players to know when he attacks if they are facing the other way. This glitch has been fixed in Z8 CF, and CF Vietnam finally fixed this glitch after February patch.



Heraklops, the Biochemical Soldier.


CrossFire North America - Goliath Biochemical Soldier Unearth ☣06:16

CrossFire North America - Goliath Biochemical Soldier Unearth ☣

An encounter with Heraklops (Goliath; CFNA Gameplay).

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Watch ItsDamageInc/Simrock on Youtube

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