Hero (Savior in CF China) is a special character only available in Hero Mode. Upon starting the match, all players in room have the chance to become the Hero.


The Hero comes equipped with a FAL Camo and one Mutation Vest. The FAL CAMO can't be dropped. If the player has Mutation Vest in their inventory, then they can have 2 hit protection against mutants. In addtion, anyone in the match can see where the Hero is due to a Hero tag on his head.

Role in Hero Mode

Being the Soldier's leader, the Hero takes responsibility in helping his comrades fending off the mutants till the timer runs out. Use your rifle carefully and keep the grenades for dire situation. Hunt down the mutants if their number isn't high, and take the chance to refill your ammo every once in a while so you can keep going with your teammate. When in defense, always keep an eye for Maidens and Assassin, and use grenade launcher to push them out if they happen to sneak in your defense place.


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