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TechCard Hunter
Hunter is a Class card in Wave Mode

It's available freely to all players in CF China, while in CF Vietnam it can only be obtained via WM's reward system.

Many players complain that this class is hard to use, since the scope delay (occurs when Hunter fires an arrow when his TAC crossbow is in scoped mode) is rather confusing, so most of the time they don't know if the arrow has hit the target or not.


Hunter is the assassin of the team - his Crossbow is silenced and can poison enemy players with its special arrow, as well as marking his location on the radar. Also all enemies with less than half of their HP bar automatically show up in Hunter's radar, and they will receive more damaged when attacked by the Hunter.

Default Skill

Hunter can see all enemy players with half of their HP bar on his radar. These are his "prey" and will receive more damage when he attacks them.

Active Skill

When level 5 is reached, pressing F will allow Hunter to bring out his TAC-15 Crossbow. It is a single shot weapon with a scope similar to the AWM, and it fires special tracking arrows. When enemy players get hit, their HP will instantly get cut by half, and their location will temporary show up on Hunter's radar (Shown by the "Marked" bar which drains over time). When this effect takes place, they will immediately be subjected to Hunter's prey list due to their HP being half.

The Crossbow is an useful weapon against Juggernaut class, as it's capable of cutting their health by half regardless of whether they have their suit on or not. This makes Hunter a direct rival of Juggernaut, and should be selected if enemy team has strong Juggernaut class.

Skill Upgrades

This section is incomplete:
Cooldown Time Reduced. - 2% - 4% 5% - - - 16% 20%
Zoom Speed Increased. - 3% - 6% 7% - - - 24% 30%
Active Skill Damage Increased. - 3% - 6% 7% - - - 24% 30%
Default Skill Damage Increased. - 5% - 10% 12% - - - 40% 50%


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