Immortal Dragon weapon set is the 5th installment of the Royal Dragon variant, to celebrate 2016 Lunar New Year. These variants feature a combination of black background and red-dragon texture. They are available in Black Market or Item Shop. The weapons are:


  • Out of all Royal-D sets, this one and the Ancient Dragon set are the heaviest recycle ones with two pieces already appeared in the earlier Royal Dragon set (DE and Kukri for Immortal Dragon, BC Axe and M4A1-XS for Ancient Dragon) aside from the mandatory Barrett M82A1. There is only one new weapon in the Immortal Dragon WS, which is M14EBR-S.
  • This is the only Royal-D generation to be updated not in the main update in CFVN, and as a matter of fact it's the first to not make it to CF Vietnam second after CF China (Most other servers like NA, ID... already released these).

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