Invisible Assassin Sword-Gemini is a new melee variant of Invisible Assassin Sword.


Continued to keep the old design style of Zodiac Set, this weapon features a full black color background with the Gemini logo on its body. Unfortunately it features no key chain, possibly due to the weapon's size being too compact.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe
  • CF Russia
  • CF Korea
  • CF Japan
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Philippines


  • This is the first Zodiac Weapon that doesn't feature a coin.
  • Because this weapon has the sparkling effect, if you bring this in Ghost Mode and Shadow Mode, you will see the beautiful transparent melee.
  • In CF NA, the Gemini pattern lights up and glows in a rainbow pattern after the weapon is drawn / switched to in ANY mode.
  • IAS-Gemini marks the 6th Zodiac Weapon to be released in CF Philippines.



CrossFire China 204:05

CrossFire China 2.0 Invisible Assassin Sword-Gemini ☆

Cross Fire China Invisible Assassin Sword-Gemini GamePlay !03:05

Cross Fire China Invisible Assassin Sword-Gemini GamePlay !

IAS-Gemini - CROSSFIRE China 202:54

IAS-Gemini - CROSSFIRE China 2.0

CrossFire VN - I.A05:03

CrossFire VN - I.A.S Gemini

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