A uniquely designed Halloween skin on Jackhammer.
- Weapon description

Jackhammer-Halloween is a limited edition shotgun variant of the Jackhammer.


This weapon has a purple skin with Halloween textures and has 12 rounds magazine, at the same level with the M1216. It also has slightly faster reload and drawing time, making it a very good shotgun in general.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Medium to high accuracy.
  • Medium recoil.
  • Fast rate of fire.
  • High magazine capacity.


  • Damage loses on long range.
  • Slow reloading time.
  • Wide shell spreading.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Europe
  • CF Brazil


  • In CrossFire North America, this weapon was once available in 2011 Halloween patch as best prize in the Halloween Mega crate. It is dubbed as "Secret weapon" with its icon, name and stats hidden. Despite this, the icon clearly gives away its identity, and whenever a player wins it, Global Announcement still refers it as Jackhammer-H.
    • It has been revealed that the "Secret Weapon" exists as a "dummy" prize, and when players win it, they are given a normal Jackhammer-H instead. CFDB's account, which is granted full Black Market item, shows that the "Secret Weapon" is available as normal prize with ??? description and stats. It likely functions as a normal Jackhammer-H when used in game.
  • This is the very first Jackhammer variant arrived in CF Vietnam, although the first permanent Jackhammer variant here is Jackhammer Hellfire.
  • There are 3 different variant of the Jackhammer H in CF Vietnam:
    • The first one is named Jackhammer Halloween, added in 2011 Halloween patch but unavailable in Item Shop or Black Market, now featured as event prize on occasion.
    • The second one is named Jackhammer(H), added in 2012 Halloween patch as junkie prize in the two Halloween crates, also available in Best Buy webmall.
    • The third one is named Jack Hammer_Halloween, added in 2013 Halloween patch as permanent prize in Halloween Set A crate.