Jade Weapon Set is a weapon set that featured in Cross Fire. These weapons have a green jade texture all around on the weapon's body. It was released first as a 6th Anniversary Celebration of Chinese Cross Fire. There are 4 weapons under this variant:

Rifle M4A1-XS Jade
Main article: M4A1-XS Jade

M4A1-XS Jade is a variant of M4A1-X with removed front grip and fitted with a silencer. It has green jade skin to increase the value.

Rifle 9A-91 Jade
Main article: 9A-91-Jade

9A-91-Jade is a variant of 9A-91 with a green jade skin to increase the value and additional spare magazine.

Main article: AWM-A Jade

AWM-A Jade is a variant of AWM with an advanced scope and green jade skin to increase the value.

Melee Kukri-Jade
Main article: Kukri-Jade

Kukri Jade is a variant of Kukri with a green jade skin to increase the value.


  • Jade rocks are divided into Nephrite and Jadeite. Since the color of the jade used in CrossFire Jade Weapon Set is pale apple green, it is definitely taken from Jadeite rocks which contain a very high chromium and iron content causing the color to become greener and pale. It is rare to find pale apple green Jadeite rocks, so the CrossFire description telling that the Jade Weapons have a high trading value is very correct.
  • The jade skin on AWM-A's image in the bag icon is greener compared to the rest of the Jade-skinned weapons.

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