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Designed by Tom Brown and featured in the movie "The Hunted" as well as the cover of BLADE Magazine. One of the most popular knives we make, the Tom Brown Tracker speaks for itself.
- Tops Knives
Jungle Knife is brand new melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


Being a compact weapon, the Jungle Knife excels in draw and attack speed, at the cost of limited range.

The primary attack consists of one slash and one thrust, while secondary attack executes a frontal stab then side-slash back, both dealing lethal damage.

It has a similar draw animation with BC-Axe, in which players does a short inspect animation, but much faster.


  • CF Europe
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF China
  • CF Russia


  • This knife looks almost identical to the Tracker Knife available in another game called Combat Arms published by Nexon.
  • Jungle Knife shares idle and running animation with BC-Axe Beast.
  • CF Vietnam names this weapon "Mini Jungle Knife", which is a mistake since the Mini part is meant to reflect Mini Capsule and not the Knife itself, even if it has a compact size.
    • Also, in CF Philippines, it can be explained as the lowest price in the Mini Capsule for 10 EC only.


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