K1A is a submachine gun featured in CrossFire.


K1A is a South Korean submachine gun, the first modern firearm developed by Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and manufactured S&T Motiv (formerly S&T Daewoo). Although the K1A uses .223 Remington, it is classified as a submachine gun by the South Korean military (possibly due to its size)

It has a fast firing rate with an under average damage dealing and accuracy. Reloading speed is quite fast, but it also expends a full clip in a matter of seconds and thus requires more frequent reloading.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Russia
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF North America
  • CF Europe
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Español
  • CF South Korea


The K1A is best when fired in short bursts at medium range, the K1A does well in narrow spaces because it can be used to spray and pray. Bunny hopping is often employed with this bullet hose. The K1A can be compared with the UZI since they both have a fast firing rate, but the K1A is overall superior to the UZI.


  • Since K1A uses .223 Remington which is the same cartridge used on Ruger MINI-14, both guns should share the same amount of damage they deal against enemies. However since the K1A acts as a sub-machine gun in CrossFire, the damage it deals must be under-powered for game balancing reason.
  • Along with the M12s, the K1A is one of the loudest weapons in the game and with its unique sound output, it is easily recognizable.
  • Outside South Korea, K1A is described as a carbine or an assault rifle (due to its size & cartridge).
  • This gun, along with its relative K-2, has a rather unique reload animation where the bolt is pulled first and then the magazine is replaced. While aesthetically appealing, it is an incorrect way to reload the weapon in real life. The bolt does not need to be pulled back when reloading the weapon when a round is still chambered, and the bolt automatically locks back in place when the weapon is fired while empty.
  • In CF China early days, players could get this gun with Elite Mode or used VE hacker during 2009, finally, Tencent deletes this gun's 1st personal model, so far, no one can get it again.


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