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KAC Chainsaw

Machine Gun


Knight Armament Company

Obtained by

Item Shop, Black Market

Fire Mode





KAC Chainsaw (Knight's Armament Company Chainsaw) is a kind of LMG available in various CF versions.


This gun comes with horizontal handling bar on top with the trigger at the back (like a chainsaw), though it does not feature a Flare Launcher like its real life counterpart. Like most basic MGs in CF, KAC-Chainsaw features a 100 rounds magazine with 100 in reverse, making it as useful as regular MGs found in Item Shop. The biggest difference is it's silenced and pretty light, so Ghost hunters will find it useful for their mission. KAC Chainsaw has fairly good firepower and accuracy, though reloading time is a bit slow.


  • CF Vietnam: Available in Black Market, via cash crates
  • CF Brazil: Available in the Black Market, combined with the MG4.
  • CF Russia: Available in Item Shop
  • CF Indonesia: Available in Black market, via cash crates
  • CF Japan: Available in Black Market, via cash crates
  • CF Philippines: Available in Black Market, via cash crates
  • CF Europe: Available in Black Market, via cash crates
  • CF North America: Available in Black Market, via cash crates
  • CF Korea: Available in Item Shop


KAC Chainsaw-RB
Red Bandage
Ancient Dragon
KACChainSAW RustyGoldSkull
KACChainsaw UltimateGoldsmith
Rusty Gold Skull
Ultimate Goldsmith


  • Despite equipped with a silencer, the firing sound of the KAC ChainSAW still can be heard at close-to-mid range. But in Shadow Mode, the silencer effects is applied properly and this gun can be fired without filling up the bar too fast.
  • This gun is spelled "ChainSAW" as it has two meanings: First, it's held like a chainsaw, and second, characters "SAW" is short for "Squad Automatic Weapon".
  • Once again, 1st and 3rd view of KAC Chainsaw differs - player characters hold the handle bar with their right hand in 1st view whereas they hold it with left hand in 3rd view.
  • This weapon was not intended to be available in 1116 patch in CF Vietnam, but due to coding error, it was actually available in Black Market, albeit without NEW mark. The 1117 patch is clearly stated to feature this weapon, so it can be assumed that it was updated by accident.
  • When this weapon was added in CF Russia, due to coding error it was placed in wrong hand. It caused a problem, that shooting direction does not coincide with gun direction.
  • Due to its low recoil, fast ROF, suppressor and good fire power, this gun is considered to be over powered in many servers, to the point that its users will be looked down or even kicked by other players, except in Mutation/Hero Mode/HMX and Zombie mode.



CrossFire - KAC Chainsaw - Weapon Gameplay ZM03:35

CrossFire - KAC Chainsaw - Weapon Gameplay ZM

KAC Chainsaw gameplay

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