The Katana is a Japanese melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


The Katana is a traditional weapon of the Samurai, and the first sword in CrossFire. This weapon has a very long reach and a lot heavier and stronger than the standard Knife.

The primary attack or LMB consist of slow two-handed slashes. While the Katana's swings have a longer range than primary attacks of other weapons such as Kukri or Axe, they are also a lot slower and actually a bit weaker.

The secondary attack which is a horizontal slash, can be "prepared" - if holding RMB, player characters will sheathe the sword and will only release when RMB is released. It takes a long time to prepare and the recovery time after the swing is a bit lenghthy, but it has the longest range of any melee weapon attack in CF. The player can also move around, albeit much slower, in this prepared state.

The primary attack needs 2-3 hits into the chest to kill, 2 primary hits in the head to kill, or 1 secondary hit (anywhere on the body) to kill.



  • The Katana's secondary attack is called a Battōjutsu technique: a field of Kenjutsu which consists of slashes with the rapid drawing and sheathing of the sword. A katana being drawn from its sheath moves with a much greater speed and force than when it is being wielded normally.
  • Since the Katana's scabbard does not appear on the character models, the user places the sword by his/her side instead when performing the secondary attack.
  • The Katana in CrossFire is a bit shorter than its real life counterpart.
  • CF China is the only version to not feature the Katana, presumably due to China - Japan conflicts. As a result, it's one of the few stock melee weapons unobtainable via Field Shovel-Born Beast's special ability.
    • However, despite of this, another original Japanese weapon makes it to this server, War Fan.
  • The blade of the Katana is wider in 3rd Person view, but thinner in 1st Person.


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