Keris Atlas Tail is a melee variant of the Keris.


It features a brown red-skull skin, close to the Infernal Dragon weapons, but without a red eyes. Other than that, it has the same stats with the regular Keris.

In all CF versions, this weapon can be obtained via Atlas Boss crate (beating Bomb City to collect his tokens).


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Europe
  • CF Spain
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Southeast Asia



CrossFire China Keris-Atlas Tail ☆03:18

CrossFire China Keris-Atlas Tail ☆

Cross Fire China Keris-Atlas Tail Review !01:32

Cross Fire China Keris-Atlas Tail Review !

CrossFire VN - Kris Atlas Tail08:35

CrossFire VN - Kris Atlas Tail

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