King Mode is a mini-game type mode in a Free For All setting, which the last standing soldier become King/Queen and then decide which mini-games others will have to play for his/her entertainment.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF North America
  • CF Japan
  • CF Europe
  • CF Español
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Philippines


King Crown
The round start with a quick battle royal in the large arena, which the survivor (or in case of timer running out; the one that dealt the most damages) will be crowned as the King / Queen for the next three mini-games.

The King may select a mini-game from a selection of three random cards and then everyone will have to compete against each others and as well against the King himself in some cases, in order to gain points.

Once the three mini-games are finished, it goes back into the battle royal, in order to choose the new king for the next series of mini-games. This process will repeat itself until at least one soldier reached 5000 points.

King Crown
The main objective is to collect as many points as possible, in an attempt to reach the 5000 points goal to possibly win. Playing the various mini-game as soldiers and/or kings will grant them many points for completing various objective, such as surviving, etc.

If one or more soldiers reached the goal, they will be watching the battle royal and will only participate once one remains or the timer runs out. Then, the remaining soldiers fight.

If the winner of that battle do not meet the goal, he will further extend the game as he'll be the king for the next three mini-games. Otherwise, if he has the necessary points to win, the game ends with him celebrating his coronation!

Golden Throne: A medium-sized arena located within the courtyard of an ancient temple. Soldiers will compete against each others in order to entertain their King... or annoy him by surviving!


King Cards
There are vast numbers of different and/or somewhat similar type of mini-games that can be chosen. All of which have specific rules and various results. These are all of the mini-games available:

Cards Game Description
MissionCard 01 Grenade The King gets an unlimited supply of grenade to throw at his opponents on the arena. He will get points for every kills he does within the time limit of the mini-game. Survivors get points as well.
MissionCard 05 Defuse A bunch of C4s will be thrown onto the arena while the King can throw some in himself (much shorter detonation time) in which soldiers may either defuse and/or dodge them for to get points.
MissionCard 06 Axe Throw The King will throw as much BC-Axe Rusty as he wants in an attempt to kill his opponent. Additionally, the axes explodes after a short delay upon hitting any surface, which may also kill them.

Cards Game Description
MissionCard 13 Moving Targets Everybody will compete in this sniper challenge using Barrett M82A1 in an attempt to beat the King's score, otherwise they will become living targets for the King and the winners.
MissionCard 08 Shooting Range Shooting challenge in which soldiers have to shoot down non-moving targets with M4A1s; with the same goal of beating the King's score if they don't want to be targets themselves afterward.
MissionCard 09 Flying Disks Yet another shooting challenge in which everybody gets to shoot at multiples series of flying disks but with Winchesters and one bullet per series. They definitely must make each shots count.

Cards Game Description
MissionCard 07 Platform Stars Soldiers will attempt to jump a small series of platforms to collect stars, while the King attempt to push them away with his weapons or a mounted FAL Camo, as his bullets / grenades have knock-back power.
MissionCard 10 Floating Stars Soldiers will be bouncing on the arena in an attempt to collect the few stars floating in the air. Soldiers with no stars will be living targets for the Kings and the others.
MissionCard 02 Hot Potato! One soldier starts with a C4 and must attempt to give it to another soldier before it explodes. The bomb with explode twice before the round ends, survivor gets points.

Cards Game Description
MissionCard 04 Battle Fields Soldiers attempts to stay within any of the small fields, while dealing with the king's knock-back bullets; until the timer runs out. If more than two soldiers are in the same field, it'll not grant points.
MissionCard 17 Memory This is another shooting challenge, in which soldiers have to memorizes the highlighted numbers among a large series of numbers. Soldiers gets points for every correct targets they shoot.
MissionCard 18 Dodge A small series of dodge-able lasers will slowly move across the arena, but while soldiers must dodge these, they also have to deal with the king's airstrikes.

Cards Game Description
MissionCard 12 Quick Action Soldiers will have to replicate the exact action displayed on the screen before the short timer run out. Any false moves will result in a failure for that particular action, therefore a point missed.
MissionCard 03 Special Actions Soldiers must replicate the series of action displayed on the screen in an attempt to beat the King's score. It is more forgiving than the Quick Action game, but still requires quick reflex to win.
MissionCard 11 Rock, Paper, [...] Rock, Paper, Scissors: King select his option, then soldiers select theirs by staying within the fields associated with the action. Wrong answers (ties included) result in healths lost via explosions.

Cards Game Description
MissionCard 14 Lethal Fall Soldiers will be placed at lethal heights onto various platforms. The king can destroy them, so they must attempt to stay on the remaining platform otherwise they fall and die.
MissionCard 16 Floating Fields Similar to the Battle Fields game; same rules applies, but the fields are located on floating platforms. The King will still be able to push the soldiers with his weapons.
MissionCard 15 Random A random game card will be selected and whatever mini-game it is, it'll give double the points they'd normally get.
200% Points.


  • King Mode references King Game, a kind of game similar to Truth or Dare.
  • One interesting fact about this mode is that normal players can topple hackers easily even if they lose the royal battle most of the time. As long as players are good with the mini games and the cards are in their favor (i.e no shooting competitive), they actually stand a chance to reach 5000 points before the hacker does.
  • In the Defuse mini game, King must manually bring out Remote C4 by pressing F, just like Demolition's skill. This may catch newbie players by surprise since the C4 is often located at button 5 instead.
  • Just like with Sheep Mode, King Mode has no Vote Kick option in CF Vietnam, giving players more freedom to play without feared of unfair kick, but also doubles as hacker's heaven as they can freely hack to gain advantage and nobody can kick them out.
  • One of a more underhanded tactics to win Battle Royale with players more than 5000 points is hiding behind them and taking potshot against other opponents. Since that player cannot move nor be harmed in any way, they inevitably aid other players near them.
  • In CF Vietnam, King Mode is renamed 'King Of Game' mode (Vua trò chơi). This is likely a reference to the ever-popular manga Yugioh, which is known in Vietnam as "Vua trò chơi".
  • In CF North America, King Mode still hasn't been removed even though it's nearly been 8 months since they released it. This is probably because King Mode is quite popular in CF North America compared to the other modes.
    • Similar to CFNA, King Mode still hasn't been removed in CFVN, even when the Coin Mode and Big Head Mode is arrived to CFVN.
  • Just like the Sheep Mode, this mode is only available in CF Philippines for 1 month before being removed.


King Mode

Chinese CrossFire - Golden Throne - King Mode11:35

Chinese CrossFire - Golden Throne - King Mode

CrossFire VN 2.0 - Gold Throne Palace (ft07:22

CrossFire VN 2.0 - Gold Throne Palace (ft. Dabbzapp) King Mode Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0 King Mode - Palace Casual Mode (ft09:23

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0 King Mode - Palace Casual Mode (ft.HT)✔

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