Improved version of Knife. Enemies can be easily suppressed with its high attack damage.
- Weapon description

Knife-Knight is a melee weapon variant of Knife in CrossFire.


It features a gold trim skin. The Knife Knight is slightly lighter, and it has more attack damage than the normal Knife (One shot kill with heavy attack on the chest and back).

In CF China, Knife Knight is available in Item Shop for 20,000 GP (Require Staff Sergeant 1 rank to buy).

In CF Brazil, Knife Knight (named Elite Knife) is available in Item Shop for 19,000 GP (with no ranking restrictions).

In CF Europe, Knife Knight is sold temporarily in the Item Shop.


  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Europe


CrossFire China Knife-Knight ☆03:41

CrossFire China Knife-Knight ☆

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