Knight SR-25 Burning Shot is a specialized semi-automatic sniper rifle variant of Knight SR-25 that is featured in CrossFire.


Like the Ares variant, this gun features a new Burning Shot skin (red & yellow color schemes) with attached silencer, but the back-up sight has been replaced with a dot-sight scope above the main scope, plus a mini grenade launcher with pistol grip under the barrel. Comes with 20 rounds magazine and enhanced draw / reload speed like Knight SR-25 Ares - also, it has a new firing sound which is much quieter, making this gun ideal for sniping Ghosts from distance.

Being an Anti-Zombie weapon, Knight SR-25 Burning Shot is equipped with 50 rounds mag in PvE, allowing it to pick off zombies more effective. It can also be fired no-scope with 100% accuracy, as the usual crosshair displays unlike other Sniper Rifles that usually has it hidden - also, this gun has a much faster firing speed when zoomed in, and firing no-scope is also slightly faster than in PvP mode. In addition, when the energy bar is full, pressing 1 will switch to Grenade Launcher mode, functioning similar to FAL Camo except that it can both deal massive damage against zombies as well as stunning them and slow them down.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Russia
  • CF Japan
  • CF Brazil


  • This is the first weapon to feature both a scope and alternate function that's independent from each other (Unlike scope + burst shot that shares the same RMB button). It's also the first weapon to feature both long range scope and dot-sight scope for CQB situations.
  • SR-25 Burning Shot has a modified reload animation comparing to SR-25 Ares, due to the mini grenade launcher that offset players' left arm. Instead of pulling the mag out, player characters simply eject it and place another one in (like with AT-15 Afghan).
  • The grenade launcher module installed into SR-25 Burning Shot is an M320 Grenade Launcher Module, which comes with a range finder sight that's switched up when using Grenade Launcher mode.
  • Unlike the AA-12 Buster and P90-Wild Shot, using Charge mode will not automatically reload the SR-25 Burning Shot - once 5 grenades are used up, players will go back to their original ammo count priror to the switch. This makes sense because the AA-12 Buster uses reload animation while P90-Wild Shot just replaces guns, so the mags would be refreshed in the process.



Cross Fire China -- SR25-Burning Shot -GamePlay-!02:01

Cross Fire China -- SR25-Burning Shot -GamePlay-!

Cross Fire China -- SR25-Burning Shot Change Mode on Fatal Canyon AI3 -GamePlay-!13:55

Cross Fire China -- SR25-Burning Shot Change Mode on Fatal Canyon AI3 -GamePlay-!

CrossFire China 207:53

CrossFire China 2.0 - Knight SR-25-Burning Shot ☆

Knight SR-25-Burning Shot CROSSFIRE China 203:24

Knight SR-25-Burning Shot CROSSFIRE China 2.0

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