Kriss Super V-Camo is a submachine gun variant of Kriss Super V.


It features a soldier camouflage around its body. This gun has the same damage, accuracy, recoil, except its magazine capacity.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe


  • This gun used to be available as Zombie Mode reward item (Gold crate) in CF Vietnam, but it was later removed after Crater map was added. After the Canyon was added, Kriss Super V-Camo was re-added as ZM Gold crate item.
  • Kriss Super V-Camo is usually called "Kriss-Camo" in game.
  • In CF Philippines, Kriss Super V-Camo is a limited edition weapon and was available in GP Lotto/Black Market for a limited time before being removed permanently.
    • It is also the only Kriss Super V variant to be featured in the GP Mega Lotto.



CrossFire - Kriss Super-V Camo - Weapon Gameplay04:10

CrossFire - Kriss Super-V Camo - Weapon Gameplay

Kriss Super-V Camo gameplay

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