Kriss Super V-Gold is a scrapped variant of the Kriss Super V in Crossfire.


This Kriss Super V fed with .45 ACP rounds with 40 bullets per magazine. It has gold-plated skin to increase it's value and slightly higher accuracy.

This weapon was only available in PMANG's CF Korea. It was not brought over to other servers, and SmileGate's new CF KR client no longer features it, as there is a similiar variant called Kriss Super V-Ultimate Gold got released during the time Kriss Super V-Gold was gone.


  • CF Korea (PMANG)


  • Upon closer investigation, the Kriss Super V-Gold doesn't have it's own attribute and name in game, despite the fact that it features a full set of Capsule preview, BagIcon, Item Icon, HUD Icon and Killmark. It is possible that this gun was later converted to Kriss Super V-Silver and all of its data are replaced with KSV-Silver one.
    • Kriss Super V-Gold and Kriss Super V-Silver share the same shader, thus it's possible to show the Gold skin by texture replacing.


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