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Kukri is a melee weapon that featured in CrossFire.


The primary attack is quick slash, while its secondary attack is a more dangerous slash, guaranteeing an instant kill on enemy soldiers. Also due to its wide angle horizontal sweep, it can take down multiple enemies at once. It is considered as one of the most effective melee weapons as it can take multiple enemies. Its rival is the Keris which is also the melee weapon with the second longest range (behind the Katana).


  • Available in all CrossFire version.


Dual Kukri

The Dual Kukri is a special variant only used by the Commandos in Hero Mode X that deals massive damages to mutants. Its primary attack is two quick slashes, which can take weak mutants. The secondary attack is a crossed slash with both Kukris, which is extremely powerful as it could instantly kill any mutants with a headshot.


  • In some versions, the Kukri is held differently so that we see the side much better. Most likely to have a better look at the various skins. Otherwise it looks rather slim, simply due to the way soldiers hold it.

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