Kukri Beast is the first VVIP melee featured in CrossFire. It is a variant of the Kukri.


It is a special variant of the popular Kukri with a shiny bronze livery and an impressive dragon design. As a VIP weapon, the Kukri Beast's special animation feature is a red trail it leaves behind when being swung.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Russia
  • CF Europe
  • CF North America
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Español

VVIP Effects

  • 120% EXP bonus (owner)
  • 30% EXP bonus (everyone)
  • 20% GP bonus (everyone)
  • Fast draw, fast slash (does not stack)
  • Fast switch to other weapons (does not stack)
  • Fast movement speed when wielding (does not stack)
  • Knockback effects when hitting opponents (does not stack)



  • Unlike in CF China, Kukri Beast is far more expensive in CF Vietnam, beating RPK-ID, Thompson-ID and AWM-ID at the price of 1750 vcoin, only behind AK47-Beast and M4A1-VIP. This makes Kukri Beast the biggest ripped off because this weapon offers very little perks comparing to other VVIP weapons. However, because players can equip up to 7 Kukri Beast alongside other VVIP guns, it is considered a trade-off, though it's still not very fair for that price - especially now that there are 3 more melee VVIP pieces released.
  • In CF Philippines, there's a promo that allows you to get JNS for 7 days if you bought Kukri Beast during the sale period (July 10, 2014 to July 16, 2014). They said character will be inserted on July 17th, 2014 for those who bought Kukri Beast during the said period.
  • One of the effects stated in CF NA and CF PH in the Kukri-Beast is "Goodbye, Brother". The meaning of that effect is perhaps unknown to everyone, it means a special RMB attack with unique animations.
  • For pre-ordering the Kukri Beast in CF NA, the player will receive a 30-Day Barrett M82A1-Royal Dragon sniper rifle. The cost of pre-ordering was 85,000 ZP and 70,000 if the player had purchased the M4A1-S Obsidian Beast between July 10th and November 12th. Additionally due to problems that cause the Kukri Patch to be delayed, all players who pre-ordered the Kukri-Beast would also receive a 30-Day FOX Howl Grenade.
  • Just like CF Vietnam, the Kukri Beast's price is far more expensive then RPK-ID and Thompson-ID, and costs the same as an AWM-ID. A theory is properly due to the fact that Kukri Beast was a high demand, and increasing its price would give Z8 more money, as many people wanted it.
  • In CF North America, upon the preordering period, there was a VVIP package that allowed players to buy both the Kukri Beast and M4A1-S Obsidian Beast for the cost of 182,500 ZP.
  • During CF Philippines' 8th anniversary, the Kukri-Beast was given to all players on October 6 upon logging in at 12 pm, as a part of Triple Eights Event. This melee is removed from the player's storage and available until 8 pm.
  • Currently, Kukri-Beast is the only VVIP weapon that have two variants: Noble Gold and Silver. Other VVIP weapons currently only receive the Noble Gold version.



-CFVN- Kukri-Beast ☆10:14

-CFVN- Kukri-Beast ☆

CrossFire China Kukri-Beast ☆03:38

CrossFire China Kukri-Beast ☆

CrossFire KUKRI-BEAST (VIP) Review05:46

CrossFire KUKRI-BEAST (VIP) Review

Cross Fire China -- M4A1-S Born Beast & Kukri-Beast -Luxury- -VVIP- -CG Promo-!01:59

Cross Fire China -- M4A1-S Born Beast & Kukri-Beast -Luxury- -VVIP- -CG Promo-!

CrossFire Vietnam Kukri-Beast ☆04:15

CrossFire Vietnam Kukri-Beast ☆

Cross Fire China -- Kukri-Beast(屠龙) -Luxury- (VVIP) -Review-!03:04

Cross Fire China -- Kukri-Beast(屠龙) -Luxury- (VVIP) -Review-!

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